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Benefits of Elation EMR

by ryan020001

If you are considering switching to an EMR, you may want to check out the features of the Elation EMR client portal. It offers numerous highly valued features, including secure client communication. Clients can also access important clinical information online, helping you to better engage your care team. It is easy to communicate with your patients and clients, as the client portal makes it simple to share and review important clinical information with them. Read on to learn more about these benefits of Elation EMR.

Clinical-first platform

Independent primary care physicians have many reasons to choose Elation’s Clinical-First EHR. The system streamlines patient records, appointments, and provider schedules, and features a three-panel console for easy access to key patient health data. Powerful charting features help physicians track health issues and ensure data security. In addition, the clinical support team is on-hand around the clock. Elation’s clinical-first approach provides physicians with peace of mind.

A clinical-first approach drives the development of Elation’s EHR. The platform is designed with the needs of independent primary care practices in mind, bringing clinical information to physicians at the right time. The platform offers clinical-first support and a wide range of integration options with leading labs and software tools. These integrations reduce administrative and manual workload. Patients can also schedule appointments online. Clinical-first EHRs are becoming increasingly popular, and Elation’s clinical-first platform is built to support this growth.


ElationEMR is a fully HIPAA-compliant electronic health record (EHR) system. This means that your patients’ medical records are secure and protected. If your EHR is HIPAA-compliant, you can feel confident about allowing other healthcare providers to view them. You can even choose to allow patients to access their own records through the Patient Portal. However, it is important to understand that you are responsible for the content of your patients’ ePHI. You must follow the laws governing privacy and confidentiality of your patients’ medical information.

So, the first step in ensuring HIPAA compliance is implementing physical security measures. HIPAA requires healthcare organizations to have physical access controls to their ePHI. Physical safeguards include keeping a log of all hardware and software in a secure location. Also, you need to document all equipment movements, so that you can retrieve an exact copy of your ePHI. Additionally, the Security Rule mandates that organizations have a Privacy Officer and Security Officer. These people are responsible for overseeing the organization’s employee conduct.

Provider network

The ElationEMR provider network service connects physicians and patients. It surfaces a list of physicians in the member’s network who have experience treating specific patients. So, it takes the guesswork out of choosing a provider by automating relationships between providers. The result is an enhanced clinical workflow. Physicians can then make better decisions about the care of their patients. To learn more about ElationEMR, read on! And get started today!

Although, this groundbreaking EMR platform from ElationEMR powers smart collaboration between providers. Besides, an average primary care physician coordinates care with 229 doctors in 117 practices. Keeping track of all these relationships can be time-consuming. Elation’s Provider Network automatically identifies and verifies the contact information of other providers. This information is securely shared with any provider a patient may visit. With Elation’s innovative EHR, you can share patient information with a variety of providers, including specialists and patients from other practices. Read out about AdvancedMD EMR pricing and features


If you’re looking to purchase EMR software for your practice, you may be wondering how much ElationEMR will cost. Luckily, the company offers a free demo so that you can try out the system yourself. So, You’ll be able to get a clear picture of what you can expect. In addition to ElationEMR pricing, you’ll also be able to see if the system will fit your budget.

Also, another benefit of Elation EMR is its secure patient portal. The portal enables healthcare providers and patients to interact online without relying on paper records. The secure patient portal also helps you store updated medication records, lab results, diagnosis, and immunization records. Elation EMR is a valuable asset that strengthens the doctor-patient relationship. So, With the right software, you can see a dramatic increase in patient satisfaction, and ultimately, higher revenue.

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