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AWS: Why AWS Is the Best Option

AWS stands for Amazon Web Services.

by aarohikhanna
AWS Classes in Pimpri Chinchwad

What’s AWS?

AWS stands for Amazon Web Services. AWS was launched by Amazon in 2002 to offer cloud computing services. It is built on a global server network. AWS is available across 22 countries. You can combine these blocks and designs to create an advanced, reliable application. You can create apps by yourself or with others. It is a reliable platform that can easily be scaled to your needs. AWS developers don’t have to worry about security or availability. They can now focus on data innovation. To advance your career, you can get certified in AWS Course in Pimpri Chinchwad.

AWS History

* July 2002 – AWS Services Launched
* November 2004 – Public launch of Simple Queue
* March 2006 – AWS relaunched
* November 2010: Amazon transition from Amazon into AWS
* November 2012 – First customer event
* December 2012 – Annual Revenues of $1.5 Billion
* December 2017 – Annual Revenues of $17.46 Billion

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AWS provides many services

* Compute service
* Storage Services
* Database
* Migration
* Delivery of network content
* Management tools
* Meet identity and security requirements
* Messaging

Salary for AWS Developer

The internet’s look and feel has changed dramatically since the introduction of AWS. Over the years, many web-based apps were launched with great success.
Many organizations are adopting AWS services. AWS architects and developers are highly sought after. As AWS developers and architects gain popularity, their salaries will increase.
According to Glassdoor India statistics, the average income of AWS developers in India amounts to 3.4 Lakhs. We see significant growths in both the number and experience of AWS developers every year.

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AWS Certificates

AWS certifications can be used to demonstrate that you are capable of managing and designing software applications using AWS. Let’s talk about AWS certifications that may be of interest to you. This will result in a significant increase in your salary.
Only those who have completed both online and classroom training are eligible for these certifications. These exams are MCQ. Multiple Choice Questions (MCQs) are used.
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AWS Certifications – The Benefits

Many companies are either moving to the Cloud or in the process of doing so. These certificates can be obtained through AWS, as we all know. These AWS certifications will allow us to keep up with IT job trends. These certifications will help us stand out from other IT professionals. These certifications signify our professional expertise. This certification is a symbol of our commitment to AWS technology. This is how technology was used. Successful candidates receive digital badges. This digital badge can also be shared via social media to assist job seekers. AWS certifications can help developers make a better salary. On average AWS certified professional gets $113K. On average, non-certified professionals earn $90K To gain access via social media to AWS professionals, you can become AWS certified. This will allow you to reach more people.
AWS certifications might be available to freelancers. AWS certifications are a great way to earn more and gain clients’ trust.
You can become an AWS-certified professional, or subject matter expert. Participate in exam development. You can also host workshops and training programs for SME entrepreneurs to generate additional income. AWS certifications are a great way to get hired by companies.

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