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Avoid Making These Three Common Mistakes When Arranging House Removals in Northampton

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Many checklists with different mistakes have been created in the past by many professionals. However, this blog post has combined the crucial information that came straight away from the best revivalist for house clearance in Northampton to create a new list. It consists not only of the fundamental errors a homeowner can make but also contains specific mistakes.  So, for anyone interested in booking house removals in Northampton, this post has put together a list of prevalent mistakes made by homeowners.

Waiting Until the Last Minute to Book Removalist

Some homeowners think that removal companies in Northampton will always be open for business irrespective of peak season. However, that’s not the case; doing this (leaving it too late to book removal services) can lead to you having to pay more. If you want to get quotes for removal companies in Northampton, book months in advance. Don’t leave the task until a week before you need to move. Doing this will limit your options for picking the best removal companies. Instead, if you give yourself a good few months, you’ll have a more significant range of options open to you. This means you end up paying less money, or at least paying the same price for something that has better quality service. So, as soon as you know you will relocate, start contacting removal companies even if you don’t have a completion date yet.

Underestimating the number of your belongings

Another biggest mistake homeowners make when planning a home move is underestimating how much stuff they have. Some individuals forget items or dismiss them as unimportant due to emotional attachment; however, an overzealous packing session could result in having to pay a lot more to ship your belongings. When arranging a house removal service in Northampton, it’s best to start early and take the time to go through every room in the house – this will also give you a chance to be selective about what you do want to take with you – it is possible that your new home might not have enough space for everything!

Besides, starting early is imperative as removal companies ask for details about your stuff. Sharing the correct information is essential as your overall house removal quote depends on that information. If you include additional items on the removal day, it is likely to increase your overall cost.

Not double-checking about packing materials

Ensuring all the stuff is taken care of is a vital part of the house removal process – for you and the company handling your move. It will be packed into vans, and you don’t want anything to break or get damaged. You may assume that the removal company themselves will bring all the necessary equipment, which they will (if that’s included in their service). But there are chances that the packing material may run out, and you may need to buy more materials for them before they’re finished packing.

Hence, it’d be great if you simply check in advance what additional services are included in your removal services to eliminate last-minute packing problems.


Many people make the same mistakes when arranging house removals in Northampton; make sure you don’t. Taking everything mentioned above into consideration and eliminates your hassles of making mistakes during house removal.

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