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Apply UK Seasonal Visa | Easy 3 Steps Process

Apply for UK Seasonal Work Visa 2022 | 2024

by nepalinerd
Apply for Uk Seasonal Uk Process

The UK Seasonal Work Visa from 2022 to 2024 is now open worldwide. According to the official website for the Government of The United Kingdom from Immigrations and Visa.

A total of 40k plus workers will be given (CoS) Certificate of Sponsorship which is provided by 3rd party licensed company appointed by the Government.

Currently, there are 4 operators to appoint to provide CoS to 38,000 workers for Agricultural work and 2,000 for Poultry workers.

According to Gov.UK, the official site and source of this article, 2 operators or companies that provide work their license will expire at the end of 2022. To cover this, 3 new operators will be added.

  • 3 Operators for Agricultural
  • 2 Operators for Poultry

Reason to Apply for UK Seasonal Work Visa for Agriculture and Poultry

  1. Temporary Work
  2. Good Wage
  3. Living management
  4. Job Opportunities for unemployed
  5. Easy Visa process
  6. Operators do not charge Fee
  7. Visa, Travel and Selexpense (might be covered by employer)
  8. More

UK Seasonal Visa Easy 3 Steps Process

3 easy Steps are:

  • Apply for Work through Operators
  • Prepare Documentation
  • Interview and Travel to Uk

Applying for UK Seasonal Visa is easy; as mentioned above, you can apply or search for work through mentioned 4 operators.

All you need to do is contact them and show them that you are interested in working in Agricultural or Poultry. Rest they will search for a job according to your requirement.

Location, Hourly wages, Covered Living Expenses, and other bonuses might differ according to the employer.

Apply for Work through Operators

This is the first step to apply for Work in UK’s agricultural sector; the step is easy to apply or contact any one of the operators below:

  1. Concordia (current licence expires at the end of 2022)
  2. Pro-Force Limited (current licence expires at the end of 2022)
  3. Fruitful Jobs (licence continuing)
  4. AG Recruitment and Management Ltd (licence continuing)

Visit their website for more information and whether their branch is available in your country. If they do exist, it will be easier for you to apply.

After applying, they will select or filter the candidates accordingly. And contact you either by Email or Phone.

I recommend you apply through AG Recruitment or Fruitful as these companies have renewed their License and will continue to provide work.

Prepare Documentation

If one of the operators selects your application for Job, they will send you all the required documents and ask you to create the necessary documents for the visa and work process.

These are accessible Application form documents that will take no more than one or two hours to fill up.

Documents for Visa processing might take some time.

Interview and Travel to Uk

This is the final step. After completing all the documentation processes and receiving your CoS Certificate of Sponsorship, you now need to go to UK Embassy in your country. If they don’t have an embassy in your country, you might need to visit your neighbouring country’s embassy.

They will ask a nominal question and are not that hard. And if you have proper documentation, you can quickly get a Worker Visa for the UK.


Even though this might be a Seasonal Work Visa, if you are from a developing nation, £‎10/15 per hour is a considerable sum and can and will be enough to provide a good life for your family.

If you have any questions, please contact Nepali Nerd where I write about this kind of Article.

Article Source: Nepali Nerd and Gov.Uk

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