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All you need to know as a first time short filmmaker

by Liana1999
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Short movies are the first step to becoming a good filmmaker. Every first-time filmmaker once did their first short movie. Some of them continue to produce just short movies and some of them continued their career in feature filmmaking. Whatever you do, just know you are in the right place if you decided to start from the short movies.

Filmmaking is the most exciting process in the world. You are not going to work from 9 to 6 in the office, you are going to create something which will be criticized or appreciated by millions of people.

As a first-time short filmmaker, you should consider some things. Here is some overall advice.

Create a strong script based on a strong idea. Make a shot list. Before you start shooting, familiarize yourself with the movie. much like Hitchcock. Do as you had planned. Before shooting it, give it a lot of practice.

Make a copy of the shot list you created when writing the script for this short film, and sort it in the opposite direction from how you shot it. Your schedule is as follows. the sequence in which you will fire your shots.

Find out how much daylight you require. It provides your shooting call. Rewind one hour. It is your company’s decision. You report crew to work at that time. The cast is announced at the shooting call after subtracting individual time for hair, makeup, and clothing.


As you understood above you should plan beforehand. You can’t just wake up and make a great short film, you need to plan everything that is in your head.

Independent filmmakers should pay much attention to planning, as there is nobody that can control the process, so the only boss is you.

You can see a lot of movies online for free to see what they use in their movies, what tricks you need to copy, and what tricks do not. Do everything to make your movie worth watching.

Budget is important

Short movie filming can be very cheap, sometimes it can be just for free even. If you need some extra things you need to consider your budget first.

But if you don’t have much money, ask your friends or students to play in your movie instead of professional actors.

Ask them to watch movies online for free to be more like professional actors.


To make it simple and quick to shoot the sequences, storyboard all of your scenes. You only need to sketch something you can understand; you don’t need to be an excellent artist.

The story is very important. You don’t need to have the best came in the world to have success. Charlie Chaplin wasn’t even speaking but he did a great job. So, pay attention to the story.

To watch free movies and TV shows online is great, it is something that we do all the time. While resting while eating. But let’s be different today and watch a short movie. Maybe there is something new that we can discover for ourselves.


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