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Advice On How To Get More Views On YouTube [New]

by Mark C. Blocher
Advice On How To Get More Views On YouTube [New]

Any active YouTube creator will tell you that building a loyal subscriber base and get more views on YouTube, organic views on the video-sharing site takes time, talent, and effort. However, any video producer who understands what YouTube viewers want to watch and what will keep them coming back to the site to watch more can establish an engaged fan base with the correct audience-building plan, tools, and mentality.

Creating material you are enthusiastic about is only the beginning. You must understand how to get more views on YouTube. Keep in mind that YouTube users adore the platform and will spend HOURS watching the videos they truly enjoy. Recognize what your audience wants and focus more on producing those videos to draw people to your channel.

Despite the fact that YouTube has over 50 million channels, there are still amazing potential for every single creator to establish a devoted following, garner a sizable number of views and subscribers, and connect with the over 1.9 billion individuals who access YouTube daily. However, it’s critical to keep in mind the following while developing a genuine plan around subscription and view growth:

The goal of YouTube is to keep users on the site as long as possible.

Your videos may start to appear in search results or under the ‘Suggested Videos’ tab on YouTube if they attract users to other pages or your own channel.

More visibility on YouTube ought to increase the number of views and the rate at which subscribers are added.

By raising your watch time and click-through rates, you can enhance the likelihood that YouTube will recommend your video.

The aforementioned requires skill, endurance, and commitment.

We’ll walk you through the most effective methods for get more views on YouTube, including:

  • How to Increase YouTube Views with Longer Content
  • How To Increase YouTube Views With Better Thumbnails
  • How To Increase YouTube Views With A 50% View Duration
  • How to Increase YouTube Views with Better Storytelling
  • How to Increase YouTube Views by Creating Better Descriptions
  • How to Increase YouTube Views by Replying to Every Comment
  • How to Use the Community Tab on YouTube to Increase Views

We’ve also included links to videos from Video Boosters Club that show how to get more YouTube views, like this one!

#1 How To Increase YouTube Views With Longer Content

Watch Time has been considered the most important performance metric by YouTube since 2012.

The stats for YouTube creators’ audience retention and watch time will rise if they can keep their subscribers and viewers engaged for longer periods of time. To monetize video material on YouTube, channels must have at least 4,000 hours of Watch Time, but once this threshold has been met, the emphasis should be on raising Watch Time and audience retention rates even higher.

While this does not imply that you should publish lengthier videos, it does imply that you can lengthen the videos that are already successful for you. Aim for 10-minute or longer content if your audience watches and interacts with it.

A fantastic strategy to increase your YouTube views is to create engaging material that informs or entertains your audience.

#2 Improved Thumbnails on YouTube Can Increase Views

One of the best ways to promote your music and simplest things you can do for your channel to increase YouTube views is to enable custom thumbnails. Your click-through rate can be positively impacted by creating and then uploading engaging custom thumbnails to every video you publish. The higher your CTR and YouTube Watch Time, the more YouTube will value your content.

One of the newest and most potent YouTube analytics is called “Click Through Rate,” which is calculated as “the number of thumbnail impressions divided by the number of times someone clicked on that thumbnail to view your video.” Every creator should track and benchmark their CTR and constantly strive to increase it by using compelling custom thumbnails that entice viewers to click through and watch.

#3 How To Increase YouTube Views With A 50% View Duration

YouTube wants you to receive as much Watch Time for each and every video you publish since it values this measure more than views.

Why? Because even if a viewer’s click is significant, it doesn’t reveal how long a person spends on YouTube. However, the more Watch Time YouTube receives from its audience, the more advertisements they can sell to that audience, increasing both YouTube’s and the video creator’s revenue. Therefore, YouTube will reward you more and spread your material to more users if you can generate more Watch Time from your videos.

Audience retention is all about keeping the viewer interested throughout your video. Additionally, you should work to increase audience retention to as near to 100% as you can; however, 50% serves as a fair benchmark.

#4 Improve Your Storytelling To Get More YouTube Views

All of the most popular YouTubers have mastered the art of telling a compelling story.

They are aware that providing subscribers with the content they want on a regular basis is the greatest method to keep them coming back to your YouTube channel. Even if you are genuinely passionate about a topic, it pays off greatly to build a watchable narrative around it to keep people engaged and delighted.

Each video you post needs to have a compelling hook (something you can say in the title and custom thumbnail) as well as a distinct start, middle, and end. Your objective should be to arouse curiosity and offer each viewer a cause to continue watching.

Make sure to listen to our TubeTalk podcast to discover why effective storytelling is the most crucial talent a YouTuber can possess:

#5 Improve Your YouTube Descriptions to Get More Views

A compelling description will provide additional context for your material to the public (and YouTube). A great micro-site that you can use to improve your video and provide visitors with more details about you and your channel is the description box. In order to obtain the greatest guidance, you should read our in-depth article on 7 Essential Tips, Tricks, and Hacks for YouTube Descriptions. However, here is a summary of how to write better YouTube descriptions:

1. Select the Correct Keywords to Rank Higher in Search

Your video may appear in Search if YouTube scrapes your description for keywords. The likelihood that YouTube will find those keywords increases with how high they appear in the description.

2. Add a subscribe link next.

The following step is to include a channel subscription link somewhere towards the top of the description.

3. Provide More Information

About Your Video At this point, you should use as many keywords as you can so that YouTube can correlate your material with as many related phrases as it can, which will aid you in search.

4. Add Time Stamps

Utilizing timestamps is the next action you can do that will be extremely beneficial to viewers of lengthier films.

5. Include Partner Links (if Appropriate)

Additionally, there is nothing improper with using non-YouTube technologies to supplement your income from your YouTube videos, including affiliate links in the video description.

6. Make your default uploads more effective

This may be found in the new Creator Studio’s Upload defaults section under Settings.

7. Add hashtags for YouTube

You must include the hashtags in your video description if you want to display them above your video’s title.

#6 How to Increase YouTube Views by Replying to Every Comment

The work isn’t done just because you’ve published your video to YouTube, even though you may have spent days filming and editing it. The audience response is one of the exciting aspects of producing video material, so if people have taken the time to watch your movie and then leave comments on it, you should show your appreciation by responding to each and every one of them (or at least as many as you can).

If you receive a lot of comments, schedule an hour each day to reply to them and interact with the commentators. You may also “pin” your own comments or the finest comments to your videos to continue the discussion there!

If responding to every comment feels overwhelming, keep in mind that relationships made in the comments section may lead to future friendships, brand deals, collaborations, and other opportunities.

#7 Using the Community Tab to Increase YouTube Views

All YouTube channels with more than 1,000 followers can use the Community Tab feature. If you use it properly, which many artists still don’t, it has the potential to be a major engagement opportunity.

What makes the Community Tab so unique? Although not every video maker has the time or resources to post a video every day, the Tab does provide that creator with a method of doing so. Through the YouTube Community Tab, you can post questions, polls, status updates, and videos for promotion.

In fact, you’ll discover that well-crafted questions and voting polls frequently receive just as much interaction as your videos do.

You can always find two minutes to post an update on your Community Tab if you can only post one video every week. heck out our video on the feature for more details on how to utilise it.

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