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9 Ways To Promote YouTube Music Videos Online [Latest]

by Mark C. Blocher
9 Ways To Promote YouTube Music Videos Online

2 billion plus users In 2022, YouTube will have that many users, making it the second-largest and most widely used social media network in the world (after Facebook). Not to mention that it is owned by Google, the most popular website on the internet, so that’s another factor.

Even YouTube itself has added features that make it a crucial tool for musicians and artists who want to promote themselves, such as YouTube for Artists, a built-in analytics section, and customised profile settings. Why then would a singer not wish to benefit from this form of promotion? It would be foolish of you not to. And since you are reading this, we know you are not the foolish type.

Why are videos so crucial for promoting music videos on YouTube?

Well, the use of video and images has grown significantly because of its capacity to help listeners engage with a song more quickly and deeply. Additionally, you can get paid every time someone views your music video on YouTube.

Also keep in mind that we can upload your YouTube music videos, giving you an even better chance to get views, interaction, and additional potential royalties from individuals who watch your videos.

Following that, here are 9 tried-and-true strategies for enhancing your visual presence and promote YouTube music video.

1. Create a more enticing profile.

Making a good first impression is crucial. Big-time.

Make sure your YouTube channel is attractive and well-presented to get off to the right start.

To help you get started, check out this helpful list.

Is your channel equipped with: A properly sized and designed YouTube header image?

– An excellent profile photo or logo

– Well-organized content, such as playlists or themed sections for different sorts of videos (such as “official music videos,” “official remixes,” and “live performances”).

– Links to your social media accounts and official website

-A clear description of your goals and artistic voice in your “About” section, as well as any hashtags that can help the algorithm find your channel!

– Top-notch thumbnails, either ones that YouTube recommends or ones you’ve made yourself.

2. Spread the word

Just because you’re trying to grow your YouTube following doesn’t mean you should ignore your social media strategy.

Instead, connect with people from varied origins, topics, and interests by using online groups and forums.

Some of the most well-liked online community groups have been founded by musicians on websites like Promozle, SoundCloud, and Reddit. On Reddit, you may join more general subreddits like ‘r/listen to this’ as well as ones that are specific to your musical taste.

Think about how you could be a valuable contributor to these group dynamics. Does your movie address any special issues or themes that are significant to this community or group? If so, that’s wonderful! Invite people to watch your film by posting it, and don’t forget to provide a catchy thumbnail.

In order to increase your audience, spread the word about new initiatives or developments, post your music videos, and produce other types of engaging material, this also requires being active on all of the major social media platforms.

You may also create teaser content for your music video to utilise as teaser content across your social media channels, such a 15-second Instagram story or a 30-second Facebook post.

For instance, Justin Bieber offered a sneak peek of his music video for the 2012 song “Boyfriend” via social media and his official YouTube channel.

This provides a preview of your video to viewers, which builds anticipation and encourages them to visit your YouTube website to watch the full version when it becomes available.

3. Decide who your target market is (or utilise theirs!)

When you’re just starting out, it’s unlikely that you’ll have a sizable enough subscriber or fan base to get the kind of exposure you want. You will therefore need to build one.

Finding your niche, often referred to as discovering your audience, requires figuring out where fans of your kind of music congregate, whether online or off.

Think about social media platforms, online and offline communities, etc. Directly approach these people or send them an email with a link to your channel and a friendly note urging them to view your content.

And it’s not unethical in the slightest to pinch someone else’s. The bulk of the time, expanding an audience involves utilising the popularity of previously existing music.

One of the most well-known ways musicians have done this in the past is by creating a cover video of a well-known song by an artist who already has a sizable subscriber base.

The truth is that undiscovered artists rarely receive much recognition. Occasionally, the audience won’t pay attention to an artist until they play a song by their all-time favourite performer (sad but true!).

4. Utilize YouTube SEO.

The practise of putting phrases and keywords that people search for into your video content is known as SEO, or “Search Engine Optimization,” to put it simply.

By taking advantage of what people are searching for, you may almost certainly increase the number of views and fans.

Use Ahrefs’ free keyword explorer to get started.

On YouTube, you may leverage keywords to your advantage by…

– Including search terms and keywords in the video’s title

– Include relevant keywords and search terms in the video description.

– Using tags like “indie music” or “independent film” to describe the subject of your video.

Remember that while some phrases have a lot of search volume, they could also have a lot of competition when choosing which keywords to target. In order to increase the likelihood that your video will be seen, it is recommended to choose less competitive keywords.

Even if the lyrics stay the same, you might want to think about changing the song’s title before uploading it to YouTube (it’s legal, we promise!).

Along with Ahrefs, TubeBuddy offers a variety of free SEO services, such as a list of the elements your films need in order to be properly optimised.

5. Learn what is trending on Twitter.

Utilize current trends that fit with your musical preferences and core principles.

An enormous growth in fan base could be brought on just only one particularly well-liked video. Therefore, the following time something intriguing occurs, create a music video about it. How much creative freedom you may still have while using a trend will amaze you.

You can check Google Trends to discover what topics are trending online or YouTube Trends to see what topics are popular on that particular platform.

Maybe you’re taking advantage of the latest croc fad (nice). That’s not to suggest that you have to lyrically describe a pair of crocs. For instance, you may compose a song on the nostalgia and childhood memories they evoke.

Another illustration is the incorporation of transient dance styles into music videos like Gangman Style, Single Ladies, and Vogue.

Trends and fads come and go, but the short-term exposure you might get by taking advantage of a fleeting fad can have a lasting impact.

6. Pay attention to your data.

Discover who is viewing your video, where they are viewing it from, and how long they are viewing it for.

Using these figures, you can then decide which of your videos is the most well-liked, and produce content that is similar to that.

You may access YouTube’s own built-in analytics feature through the ‘YouTube Studio’ section of your YouTube profile.

There are several reports available that can provide you with all the information you need to make tactical decisions about video marketing. There are specifics on:

– Be mindful of the time.

– Traffic sources

– Characteristics of the intended audience

– Playback location options

– Audience retention rates.

– The total subscriber count

7. Your videos should have call-to-actions (CTAs).

A “Call To Action,” also referred to as a CTA, is a strategy for requesting something of your audience before, during, or after they watch your video.

Whether it’s advising them to visit your official website, leading them to another video that’s comparable to this one, or imploring them to subscribe to your YouTube channel so they don’t miss a new video.

These can be found in the following ways:

A pop-up window emerges during the video.

An hyperlink is present in the description bar.

There is a link at the conclusion of the video.

8. YouTube paid ads

The strategies we’ve mentioned up until this point have all been organic, or natural ways to grow your audience (all hard work, 0 dollar bills).

We can’t overlook the potential of YouTube paid advertising as a tool for promoting yourself on the platform, even though organic techniques have proven to be fairly beneficial.

You can get the most out of the money you set aside for this purpose by using the excellent targeting options that YouTube offers.

If you haven’t already, you can begin by opening a Google Ads account.

Start by trying with a modest strategy. Analyze the response you receive and use that data to create a fundamental marketing plan for enhancing your presence on the platform. It all comes down to testing out different formats and seeing which ones work best for promoting your music.

If you haven’t already, you can begin by opening a Google Ads account.

Start by trying with a modest strategy. Analyze the response you receive and use that data to create a fundamental marketing plan for enhancing your presence on the platform. It all comes down to testing out different formats and seeing which ones work best for promoting your music.

9. Accompany other YouTubers and influencers in your projects

Like networking with other musicians on YouTube, connecting with YouTubers who aren’t necessarily artists in their own right but instead have a big influence on the creative video industry is a great idea.

Look for reaction videos on YouTube or TikTok from artists who critique the work of others.

Find out whether they’d be willing to host one of your videos, post a link to your channel, or give a review of one of your videos. That’s a lot of exposure, especially if it’s a popular channel. Additionally, if they like your music, they might do it for free!

For instance, @promozle is a instagram content producer who frequently posts about new musicians, music spotlights, sample breakdowns, and new music records.

With over 92K followers and 2.2M likes, this individual is now the modern music tastemaker.

Connecting with the right people is a great way to trade traffic with these large creatives for little to no money, so.

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