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5 Tips for A Better Design for Your Small Laundry Room

Small Laundry Design

by graysonjoseph

In our household chores, the Laundry room is one such room that is given the least attention while building. But with proper attention and small laundry designs, laundry spaces can be compact. Making your laundry area useful and practical will make the laundry process less hectic.

So these five tips from the design team will surely be well on your way to an arranged and compact laundry.

#1 Usage of intelligent washer and dryer

Due to technological advancement, washers and dryers cut down the amount of time spent in the laundry. Especially nowadays, washing machines are available with a compact design with both washer and dryer in one chamber. This saves more space in a laundry room and promotes small laundry designs more efficiently. Moreover, they are automatic, drying clothes automatically after washing them.

#2 Implement Better Storage Ideas

Storage is something that significantly affects the design of any room, and for small laundry, with better designs, it is a must. Several baskets or other storage containers will be required. Choose similar ones rather than ones of varied materials and sizes to produce a unified effect, especially if you have open shelves. Install plywood over your washing machine to get tight counter space for ironing and folding. This area may also be used to store baskets, soap, and even plants to brighten up the room. Consider the occasional-use detergents, such as those for washing a silk pillowcase or a wool blanket. Together with regular detergents and fabric conditioners while organising the storage to avoid running out of room.

#3 Add More Hanging Bars

Any spare wall space can be transformed into a nook for hanging clean garments that have been ironed or to air-dry the more minor things from the washing machine with the help of a simple tension rod or a wooden rod and some hangers. Get coordinating hangers for a more put-together appearance.

#4 Usage of Ceiling Airer

However, it’s ideal if you’re washing a mattress cover and the weather prevents it from drying in the yard or airing more oversized items such as bed linen and towels. A pulley drying rack is a smart way to make space for clothes, including those that aren’t suitable for drying, even on the dryer. Hang it over a sink to make the most of its users and allow extremely wet items to drip dry; the closer the window that opens, the better.

#5 Choose One Shade for a Better Look

If you are reworking an existing laundry space on a decent budget, offer your room cupboards a fast and trendy makeover by painting them. By choosing one hue used on cabinetry, walls, panelling, and different surfaces, you’ll be able to get a high-end, uniform rummage around for very little to no money.

Final Thoughts

Designing a laundry room is difficult. There is a myriad of constraints. Design principles need to be considered, yet there is an overriding desire to make the space aesthetically pleasing. Thankfully, many great sources of inspiration are available to help you start this project. We hope we’ve provided you with some insight on how to approach and resolve the problems unique to designing a small laundry room.

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