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5 Educational Games for Children on Steam

by Gaurav Singh
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Games are a great way to learn because visuals teach more than a mere book. Besides, for children, visuals combined with entertainment build a better learning experience.

Steam has multiple gaming genres that are filled with adventures, brain-storming creativity, and educational game play as well.

Education games on Steam can unlock children’s ability to think in a different way in different situations.

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Five Learning Games for Kids

Here is the list of the top five educational and entertaining games for kids.

Alice in Wonderland Jigsaw Puzzle

As the name suggests, the game is a jigsaw puzzle with eight puzzles and various difficulty modes. If your child loved the Alice in Wonderland movie, this game will definitely pique their interest.

This game is an excellent option to increase the memory and problem-solving skills in kids. It comes with a timer, but you can turn it off from the settings to make it easy for the child.

The VR Museum of Fine Art

This game is a terrific way to get kids or adults to gain knowledge about all the sculptures and art from around the world.

The game requires a VR headset and a play area to turn and move around in the museum. You’ll be able to get a close look at high definition artwork and find details about it.

Letters – a Written Adventure

Letters is not for little children, but teenagers can play it. The game revolves around the life of a girl named Sarah, whose fate is in the player’s hands.

The player can chat with Sarah’s friends, write letters, and correct words. The most important skill that the player can learn from this game is their ability to interact and make word choices, which improves their English as well.


Knotwords is a word puzzle game. Although you may think a normal puzzle game can be played anywhere and there are many games on the Play Store as well, this puzzle game is a bit different because it gives a few letters mixed in different columns for you to solve.

Well, you will understand it once you install it and start playing. In my opinion, it is good for children that are over 10 or 12 years old.


WORDLAND is a mix of Tetris and word puzzle games. In this, the player connects the blocks while finding the right word.

It is a simple game with different themes in every level and relaxing music as well. The game contains 150 word puzzles and comes with three difficulty levels. It is also good for children over age 10.


These games are examples of how your kids can learn from anywhere, whether it’s school, YouTube, or Steam.

To make your children fast learners and smarter, get these games right now. Also, if you find your Steam wallet empty to buy any of these games or in-game items, use steam wallet code or steam wallet india vouchers to get Steam points fast.

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