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4 Ways to Use VMS Signs to Attract Your Customers

VMS Signs

by axeljoshua

Variable Message Signs, or VMS, are attractive and vibrant display signs that convey messages. You can use these dynamic and bright VMS signs for your business to attract more customers. 

These signs can be changed according to your requirements and are also portable. These signs can highlight your brand message and showcase your products and services. 

Here are four ways you can use this VMS Sign Hire to get more customers interested in your business:

  1. Display The Right Content
  • You must use these VMS signs to showcase the right kind of content. You can use whatever message you want on the screens for however long you want. 
  • To promote your business, you must develop a message that has a lasting impact on the customer. 
  • For instance, if you are talking about a sale, you can mention the percentage and the end date.
  • This will create both excitement and urgency in your customers. You should also include all the relevant details of the sale, including the place, timing, duration, and key highlights.
  1. Go Big and Bold 
  • VMS signs can be displayed anywhere on the roads and at events, so it is essential to make them memorable for consumers. 
  • You should use Mobile LED Screen Hire for displaying your messages as they are bright and portable. You can move the mobile trailer wherever needed to get the maximum impact. 
  • The LED lights will attract the customers’ attention to the signs. You should use sentences of 3 lines to make it visually appealing and should not insert many messages at once.
  • Always keep it short, precise, and simple when using a VMS sign.
  1. Make It Personal

You can make your VMS Sign Hire stand out by making your messages personal. It will make your brand approachable and appealing to customers. You can use messages like “buy your mom a gift” or “treat yourself with these products.” It will make customers feel more involved and curious. They will want to know more about your brand and will look your products up online.

  1. Bright And Colorful 

Lastly, you must use colours on your Mobile LED Screen Hire to attract more consumers. People are more attracted to colours and will notice bright messages more often. In a short span of ten seconds, a visually colourful message will register more in their heads.

  • You should use as many bold colours as you can and try to keep the same colours on the screens. You should pick a colour and lighting that best exemplifies your company branding. Use these bright and colourful signs to attract people to your business.
  • Also, remember to choose a light setting that is bright enough but not too overpowering. If it is too bright, it might be hard to read and be too strainful for the eyes. Make sure you test the light settings of the signs before you display them.


The above four ways will make your VMS Sign Hire stand out from the crowd and draw in customers.

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