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15+ brilliant ideas for using your wall tapestry in innovative ways

by vaishali1379


A type of textile art known as a tapestry is typically woven by skill on a loom. In contrast to most woven fabrics, which have both the warping and the weave threads may be exposed, tapestries are weft-faced weavings in which all of the warp yarns are concealed in the finished piece.

One of the earliest types of woven cloth is the tapestry. The world’s biggest and most exquisite textile works of art have been produced using the tapestry technique, as well as anything from tunics and handbags to tablecloths and chair backs.

A image is woven into cloth to create a tapestry. It is a wall-mounted ornamental rug with intricate designs or images on it. Some tapestries, like the well-known Unicorn Tapestries, use their images to convey stories. It’s a fantastic concept to weave a picture into cloth since it makes art portable and approachable.


Uses of Wall Tapestry:


  • Hanging the tapestry to the ceiling: 

A tapestry hung from the ceiling may cover obtrusive spaces and enhance the appeal of your house with its chic patterns. Hang a bohemian tapestry in the colour palette that best represents your personality. Everyone who comes in contact with Tapestry will feel wonderful feelings and great energy radiating from it. A tapestry hung from the ceiling gives the impression that the space is bigger and more open.


  • It can be draped across the ceiling like a tapestry:

An elegantly designed tapestry that hangs from the ceiling may hide unsightly features while also enhancing the appeal of your house. Affix a boho tapestry to the wall in colours that go well with your style.


The headboard is the key feature of your bedroom. Your wall hanging is portable at all times. A great idea to make your headboard stand out is to cover it with tapestries. You may add a tonne of uniqueness to your area by utilising the tapestry as a footboard and hiding the look of a plain wall on the rear of your bed. The ideas are mentioned below:


Yoga and meditation mat:

Spiritual wall tapestry can be utilised as a magnificent meditation mat when practising meditating or yoga to engage with a higher power of tranquilly and calm.



Why not give your bedroom a touch of class by covering your mattress with an eye-catching wall tapestry that is both unique and striking and is available in a range of designs and patterns. Surely it will look amazing.


A sheet for picnic:

Modern printed tapestries are delicate and composed of cotton. These are easy to maintain and clean. A lovely, lightweight picnic blanket with both classic and contemporary designs and colours is a tapestry.

 Pillows used as decor:

New pillows are constantly needed in your room. Your bed’s overall look is changed by the pillows. Tapestry is a great fabric to experiment with if you want to do DIY crafts. With a chic cushion constructed from a wall fabric that provides a new level of ease and relaxation to the rest of the room with its gaze themes, you may redefine the elegance of your house.

  1.  A circle of beach towels:

Take a tapestry to the beach with you to use for a variety of purposes, including sleeping on, resting, and covering your body from the sun.


Wall decoration in the shape of circles:

It’s easy to transform a mandala tapestry into a circular shape if you’re weary of your cloth wall hanging. You may easily cut and hem a beautiful hanging that has a circle in it to create a circular wall decoration. You can keep holes and ugly filthy patches off of your walls and give your current ones new life by hanging a circular wall tapestry.


For the sofa’s cover:

Give your worn-out couch a makeover by covering it with a lovely wall tapestry. Whether your sofa is new or old, it’s a good idea to change the style. The sofa is an expensive item that cannot be readily replaced. You may always replace it with your favourite sheet to give it a fresh appearance.


Beachside throw:

The easiest to transport and most practical seashore blanket is a tapestry. On the beach, a tapestry with lotus, elephants, psychedelic, trippy, modern, and contemporary motifs is one of the greatest picture possibilities. Pick your favorite beach blanket and head to the shore to thoroughly enjoy it.


Utilizing your tapestry fabric, create a large wall covering. If you’re on a tight budget and want wallpaper for your apartment or small apartment, these tapestries art pieces could be your best bet. It is now much simpler to create a stunning impression on the surfaces without investing money on costly wall paint or drilling thanks to wall tapestries that can be transformed into elevated and thematic wallpaper.


  1. Pouffes and cushions for the floor:

It is without a doubt a good styling choice to use a wall tapestry for the floor pouffes or the cushion you sit on. You may even construct a bed for your cat or substantial floor cushions. These floor cushions come in a variety of hues and patterns as well.

  1. Covering your Furniture:

You might add a lovely tapestry to your vintage furniture to make it more distinctive. An artistic fabric may breathe new life into dated and damaged furniture.


A tent for use either outside or as a bed:

A soft and light wall tapestry is highly advised while travelling on an outdoor picnic or vacation. There is space within the tent, which is made from a large tapestry, for more than two people, textbooks, and other objects. If you want an enlightenment tent, an antique tapestry is always an excellent choice. Giant tapestries are available at online home décor stores if you don’t already have a huge one.


You can use these types of Tapestries for decorating your house, and work places. This will help you concentrate on your work, and few colours make your mind relaxed, when you see these tapestries you feel relaxed.  

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