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12 things to know before having laser treatment for your scar

by Dynamic Clinic
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General overview

Having clear, spotless and clarified skin is a dream and desire of everyone irrespective of gender and age.  Some people are born with the scars on their face while some develop them over a period of time. Either due to acne or trauma to the skin etc. No matter how glowing or bright skin you have, the appearance of scars always make your skin a major turn down either for you or for the people around. Little do you know that people who are not satisfied with their appearance often end up in severe depression and start to isolate themselves by becoming isolated and introverted. Fortunately, laser treatments in Dubai are suggestive of the perfect solution for scars on the face. This article addresses some of the top 12 important considerations before going for a laser treatment for your scars. 

What are the causes of scars? 

  • Acne and breakouts
  • Scars and birthmarks present at the time of birth
  • Any injury that has led to distortions and scars
  • The chemical or burns
  • Inflicting any pimple using hands
  • Remains of a leftover tattoo

Before and After of Laser Acne Treatment

Are their other treatment options available for scars? 

  • DIY home remedies
  • Cleansers and gels
  • Therapeutic medications advised by dermatologists
  • Laser therapies

What is the best laser treatment in Dubai for scars?

A treatment is considered best when it has long term effects. It does not cause any complications or potential risks among all the treatments. Laser treatment is considered as the safest which has the least side effects and the results are instant and long lasting.  This is the reason Laser therapy is considered as the best treatment by far for scars be it of any nature. 


12 things to know before having a laser treatment in Dubai

Before going to opt yourself for please help me for scars here are some important considerations you need to keep in mind such as: 

1#  The treatment is not painful

 A lot of people often think that laser therapy is based on heat energy. It can be painful and may cause heat distortions first up little do you know that the heat generated from the laser therapy is controlled based on the desired wavelength

That is acceptable by the skin and body to stop the treatment is completely pain free and it is all because of the controlled heat energy emitted.

2# Avoid waxing or shaving before the treatment

 Although the treatment is pain free there are still chances of some distortions and so it is important that you avoid waxing or shaving prior to the treatment because they both disrupt the follicles and can bring about some alterations in the treatment. 

3# Schedule  for your appointment wisely 

you will be told to schedule your appointment wisely. This means that after the treatment You should avoid anything that can cause irritation to your skin such as a beach party or a job that causes you to stay in the sun.  

4# Avoid using any harsh cleansers  

 Certain chemicals and cleanses you use may have harsh ingredients that can distort the skin. After laser therapy for scars it is better that you avoid harsh cleansers and scrubbers.

5# Start wearing regular sunscreen

Laser treatment can make the skin quite sensitive in the first few days.  Therefore if you have requirements to go in the sun it is better to use sunscreen regularly. More or less it also helps the amount of scars to become minimum.  a sunscreen with SPF 50 is sufficient after the laser therapy. 

6# Pre-laser skin care routine

 If you want laser therapy to work efficiently then try to follow a pre skin care routine timely. Either in the day or most preferably during the night. You need to do exfoliation, cleansing and moisturizing on a daily basis. Till the day of your laser therapy if you want optimum results.

7# Book an appointment with the dermatologist first 

If you are among those who have a super sensitive skin and still want to go for a laser session. Then it is better that you take advice from your dermatologist prior to the treatment. The dermatologist will prescribe a letter which will elaborate the intensity of the laser therapies the esthetician will require to follow. 

8# You may need a re-session 

If your scars are hyper-pigmented and multiple in nature then you will require a re-session after your first session first stop and average duration from first to second session normally ranges between four to five weeks. 

9# Anti-allergic medications if you are sensitive

 if you are allergic to heat radiation or any other energies then seek an appointment with your physician and elaborate about your laser session uh normally institutes and hospitals often refer to a physician before a laser treatment in Dubai so that the candidates can take an anti allergic dosage prior to the treatment to prevent any unavoidable circumstances. 

10# The results may or may not be instant

Severity of your skin and it’s regenerative property can be instant or you may need to wait for two to three days to see the results. You should avoid being impatient and become judgmental about the treatment since it solely depends on your skin’s repair and regeneration process.

11# Use soothing agents post treatment 

 Many hospitals and clinics offer some soothing agents as a complimentary token after a laser session.  This will not just help suit your skin but will also help the scars to minimize.

12# You have to avoid heat any way 

After your laser session, you have to avoid sauna baths, hot showers, excessive exposure in the sun and extended periods of standing in front of the stove etc. 


How soon can I see the results?

As told earlier that the results only depend upon the repair and regeneration capacity of your face, the improvement of collagen texture is genuinely faster and quick in young aged patients. On average the results were scars are visible by the third day after the laser treatment.


Where can I find the best laser treatment in Dubai? 

When looking for a laser treatment in Dubai is it the dynamic clinic without giving any second thought. Gear up yourselves and book your appointment in the clinic for your laser session. See how luxurious, smooth and spotless skin you will achieve after a single session of laser therapy.


Final verdict 

 A perfect face and body is a reflection of how well groomed a person is. There is no harm in choosing regimens and treatments to modify and beautify your skin. Book your laser treatment in Dubai in the Dynamic Clinic and see yourself achieving the desired and optimum results within just a few days. 

For booking Appointments and more information about scar removal, checkout Laser scar removal in Dubai.

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