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05 Surprising Tips for Using a Digital Lucky Draw System for Your Online Business

by Laura Solis
Lottery Winning

In the present time, organizing lottery and giveaways may be a costly undertaking during the COVID-19 pandemic.

These measures can make it particularly hard to attend live events, and they’re going to have to be followed by a severe period of social distancing and great compliance to reverse the situation.

What if I told you that we could get around this problem by doing that?

A cloud-based method that can automate your whole lucky draw procedure. Listed below is everything you need to know about a digital lucky draw system.

Digital Lucky Draw: How it Helps You

Primarily, it’s a game where the players have a chance to win prizes and rewards all dependent on mere luck. As such, it is named a Lucky Draw.

The lucky draw is a traditional fun activity with varying forms. The board typically includes a host who will select a lucky draw item out of a jar and present it to the participants.

Before the show, random numbers are distributed to the audience, or the host collects the name cards.

The host then randomly picks a number or name card from the jar to declare the winner.

It’s hard to beat the thrill of anxiously waiting to take a picture because your name has already been entered in a global lucky draw.

The widespread Ebola outbreak and recent technological advances have made it much more widespread for firms and companies to organize lucky draws online.

A digital lucky draw is a user-friendly, highly effective means of conducting lucky draws online through video conferencing platforms or video streaming. Connecting both the audience and the presenter, digital lucky draws contribute to the excitement and engagement of winning prizes in an exciting game full of luck.

05 Amazing Tips for the Benefits of the Digital Lucky Draw System

You’re able to develop Lucky Draw events that offer prizes to your workers, customers, and attendees.

Engaging your Audience

Long virtual events can quite quickly become tiresome, but a digital lucky draw offers excitement and encouragement to participants, keeping excitement and interest high!

Real-Time Digital Lucky Draws

A real-time Digital Lucky Draw takes place as participants take turns sharing with each other via a video conference call.

The result draws are automatically carried out in real-time and add to the fun and anticipation involved with waiting for your drawing title to materialize onscreen.

As live draws are taking place, it reminds the viewers of the event and that challenges present an interactive component.

Customized Lucky Draw Screen

The possibility of digital lucky draw customization lets you adjust the screen of your lucky draw to your taste or the occasion’s theme.

As an example, let’s suppose your company is planning to organize a contest for a Chinese New Year giveaway.

You can select the colour scheme and style for the Digital Lucky Draw kiosk yourself to match the CNY theme.

You can select your own lucky board screen to match your brand, making this a fun event for your backers.

Data Acquisition for Customers

Digital Lucky Draw events offer significant insights into your target audience.

When the registration for an event is taking place, customers prompt to scan a QR code which directs them to a web form where they will need to give consent to get their personal information.

Such personal information could include the customer’s name, contact number, or email address.

Automated Notifications & Alert Systems

The winners of a lucky draw event will be sent an email sent automatically confirming the outcomes of their event.  The other important information regarding the redemption of prizes.

Efficient Registration & Swift

Participants can quickly register their attendance by virtually scanning a QR code connected to online registration.

Equal Chance For Everyone

Because an electronic digital lucky draw doesn’t necessitate a physical object. To draw the name of a participant from the list. The digital drawing system will offer results at random. Therefore, each virtual entry placed becomes an equal probability.


Company operations can be with all the more technological.  A result of advancements in modern technology in the present day.

Its simple interface & vibrant dashboard for statistical data presentation, digital lucky draws system’s Interactive & Sophisticated User Interface makes for a quick and efficient process for running digital lucky draw events from start to finish.

The digital lucky draw system is a one-stop digital solution for your company’s needs by providing seamless. Convenient, and efficient digital drawing services. Futhermore, If you want to particle in the digital lucky draw you can sign up for all india lucky draw competition and try your luck to win amazing cash prizes.

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